Cherry Sprite

Cherry Sprite Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
8 - 10 weeks
Growing Difficulty
Lemon-lime, soda, and tangerine

Where To Buy Cherry Sprite Marijuana Seeds

Cherry Sprite Marijuana Seeds Information

Like the soda that sparkles within your mouth when you take it, this strain is also quite like that. Cherry Sprite is formed by crossing the Black Cherry Soda as the mother and a Pink Dream (Blue Dream x Huckleberry Hound) father. In appearance, this strain brings the best spectrum in colors.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Cherry Sprite?

Like the famous drink “Sprite”, this strain has the same of its taste which is the lemon-lime and tangerine touches that will likely be also the hints of soda. Simulation of the mind would propose new creative ideas. The tingly and buzz sensation brings an uplifting phase within the moods or spirit. You’ll likely fall asleep by taking this strain as it brings the dreamy haze touch.

What are the medical benefits of Cherry Sprite?

If you are dealing with gastrointestinal problems, Cherry Sprite cannabis would bring aid as this lowers down that disease. The euphoric elevation heals the depressing moment you had always within you. Physically, this strain will bring healing to migraines, cramps, muscle spasms, and other bodily pains.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Cherry Sprite

Consuming Cherry Sprite cannabis strain would induce the feeling of cottonmouth or irritated eyes. Dizziness and headache would also be possible when the dose is more than enough. In rare cases, this will make you a little anxious.

How to Grow Cherry Sprite?

This strain grows short and sturdy so you must provide enough space in the room you are growing this. You must also provide the right care like free from pest setting, the proper level of humidity, and adjustable lightings. In a dry climate, this will bring more yields.

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