Chingona Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Moderate - high
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
10 - 14 weeks
Indoor, outdoor
Growing Difficulty
Medium - tall
OG, kush, earthy

Where To Buy Chingona Marijuana Seeds

Chingona Marijuana Seeds Information

SnowHigh Seeds bred this hybrid strain with wonderful parents. It’s a combination of Hijo de Chingada and OG Purple Fire Thai. Describing the parents of this strain requires a lot of positive words. Hijo de Chingada carried the genetic pool of legends with color funk and frost. OG Purple Fire Thai produces highly resinous buds that are excessively sticky and so aromatic.

Chingona is a rare heirloom hybrid that connoisseurs love. It’s a Sativa strain that you can puff during the day and in the evening.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Chingona?

It has OG, earthy and kush flavor. You can experience both varieties in this strain as it can uplift your spirit and provider of rest. You will be more creative and focused than before. It can let you rest that can fulfill your tired body. It also increased libido.

What are the medical benefits of Chingona?

It increases one’s appetite so you will remain with healthy eating habits. It can alleviate pain or ache that bothers you from time to time. People with mental disorders won’t be disturbed by any negative emotions. It can be the weed of those who struggle with depression, anxiety, stress and mood swings.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Chingona

This weed can leave consumers with dry mouth and red, itchy eyes. You have to drink plenty of water to combat the dehydration caused by marijuana.

How to grow Chingona?

It can be cultivated outdoors and indoors. It must be protected from pathogens that cause diseases, molds, and pests. You have to provide a reliable set of equipment for ventilation and light system. LED lights are great in supplying the light required by plants.

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