Chitrali 1

Chitrali #1 Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
2.25 OZ / FT 2
Flowering Period
49-70 days
Warm climate
Growing Difficulty
60 inches
earthy with a berry tone

Where To Buy Chitrali #1 Marijuana Seeds

Chitrali #1 Marijuana Seeds Information

This weed strain is an Indica main strain gathering a THC stage equal to 19%. Those preliminary out with weeds shouldn’t attempt this weed just so far. This weed transports a fresh and flat burn with slight to no cough throughout the respire. It is mild with completely the finest characters of Chitral Hashish, in weed arrangement.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Chitrali #1?

A strong mainly Indica strain, it drops no while in persuading its invigorating effects. It brings bracing haste of elation directly to the head, clearing the attention and inspiring the disposition in the procedure. Its piquant pepper frequently takes the middle phase upon ingesting.

What are the medical benefits of Chitrali #1?

It has numerous assistance counting anxiety relief along with supervision of sure psychological situations such as unhappiness, nervousness, and PTSD. Its tranquilities the nervousness and pain though concurrently implanting a positive nature. The clearness likewise lets one to emphasis through a job, making it crucial in handling ADHD/ADD.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Chitrali #1

Its humidity-constraining cannabinoids might likewise cause slightly of cottonmouth as it starts to inhibit with saliva construction.

How to Grow Chitrali #1?

It sports an Indica construction. It is not lone thin-tracked, nonetheless, its leaves are reedy and twisting external into a fleecy weave. Separately from that, it inclines to bounce rising as it produces in the direction of the light. Comparatively robust, it tends to be extremely flexible too. However it favors the temperateness of the sunlight, it has no problem fronting the mild, colder climate of the northern hemisphere though it might spread its peak stage. In this matter, cultivators can continuously nurture the shrub indoors.

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