Chocolate Fantasy

Chocolate Fantasy Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
22oz/ m2
Flowering Period
8-9 weeks
Sunny and dry outdoor climate
Growing Difficulty
earthy, skunk, woody, cheesy, chocolate, pine, spicy, tea

Where To Buy Chocolate Fantasy Marijuana Seeds

Chocolate Fantasy Marijuana Seeds Information

This weed is a lovely sativa floret, with big and hefty sprouts that are dotted in diverse shades of ginger and pink. This strain is infamously hard to bargain, totaling to the legend of its reality, which is only more dyed by the detail that its precise roots are unidentified.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Chocolate Fantasy?

If you are in the disposition for a tiny vigorous period, either mountaineering or active around urban with your groups, at that time this sprout is precisely the accurate fitting for that disposition. You will sense overjoyed and happy, making your decent disposition catching and tough to fight. This weed has a versatile earthy palate, varied with a robust skunky also chocolate taste.

What are the medical benefits of Chocolate Fantasy?

This sprout is most normally applied for the handling of long-lasting stress illnesses, as it can permit the patients to sense tranquil short of making them sense lethargic or weary.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Chocolate Fantasy

The weed is probable to encourage a parched mouth feeling, in addition to parched, prickly and red eyes, whole with a sensation of thirst.

How to Grow Chocolate Fantasy?

It can be informal to produce; must you be fortunate enough to grow a grip of its kernels. This strain enjoys to be reserved in a dwelling with heaps of light, also away on or after excessively moisture, though it is quite resilient public molds and fungus. It grown at home can be probable to you a projected 22 grains per square meter established. This strain must take unevenly 8 to nine weeks to surface peak to be prepared for a fruitful crop.

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