Chocolate Kush

Chocolate Kush Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
17% - 20%
medium to high
Flowering Period
7 to 9 weeks
Dry and Semi-Humid
Growing Difficulty
Medium to tall
Chocolate, Coffee, Nutty, Sweet, Pine, Spicy, Chemical, Kush, Earthy

Where To Buy Chocolate Kush Marijuana Seeds

Chocolate Kush Marijuana Seeds Information

This breed took 7th place as the strongest strain in the world, and it was confirmed by High Times. It takes after its award-winning parents which are Chocolate and Kosher Kush. It is also called Chocolate Kush. It has a strong cerebral buzz that can accompany you in your day time endeavors.

 It has dense buds with orange hair, chunky crystals, and a sticky layer of sweet and spicy resin. You don’t want to miss this delectable chocolate strain with high potency.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Chocolate Kush?

This strain is almost similar to a dessert. The chocolate flavor is to die for with hints of vanilla, nuts, and coffee. Its primary role is to improve focus. It fuels user’s imagination so they can also improve their creativity. It can be your buddy when you need to handle and finish multiple tasks in a day. 

 Furthermore, it makes an individual’s spirit uplifted and motivated. It is a perfect strain to hone your determination. 

 What are the Medical Benefits of Chocolate Kush?

It soothes discomfort given by conditions like ADD, ADHD, PTS, mood swings, and bipolar disorder. It can slow inflammation from affecting the body, so it’s beneficial for those who have a migraine, eye pressure, chronic pain, arthritis, and muscle spasms. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Chocolate Kush

Smoking any kind of strain will let you have dry eyes and mouth. This strain will do the same thing for smokers. Mild headache and dizziness may be experienced by some. 

How to Grow Chocolate Kush?

Growth information has not been disseminated, but many believe that it thrives in a warm environment. It can be grown both outdoors and indoors, but growers should be consistent in checking for the right temperature and humidity. 


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