Chocolate Tooth

Chocolate Tooth Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
18oz/ plant
Flowering Period
late September to early October
warm and temperate outdoor climate
Growing Difficulty
berry, candy, fruity, sweet, woody, tree fruit

Where To Buy Chocolate Tooth Marijuana Seeds

Chocolate Tooth Marijuana Seeds Information

This strain has approximately distinguished prizes under its sash, most conspicuously engaging 1st place indica through the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup. It was initially fashioned by Barney’s Farm, also has subsequently increased to reputation as a go-to calming for therapeutic and frivolous handlers the same, making it an informal excellent for anybody watching for a feel-decent burn.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Chocolate Tooth?

This weed is also countless if you are on the hunt for a method to spoil in a little overjoyed high, and its intellectual results will sense much comparable a brain acupressure – stimulating and superior. It is inordinate at dismissing a little nervousness, particularly after a long daytime of pressure, and is consequently well optional as a night strain.

What are the medical benefits of Chocolate Tooth?

This indica leading strain might show itself to be valuable to people who have experienced biochemical actions, for example, radiation also chemotherapy, then have vanished their hunger due to its harshness.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Chocolate Tooth

It might likewise in very occasional cases reason some wooziness, therefore it is suggested that you do not consume any driving or extra doings prearranged that may need your full courtesy.

How to Grow Chocolate Tooth?

It grown at home can be predictable to harvest a usual of around 16 jots of sprout per square meter. This shrub should gross a normal of 8 to nine weeks to blossom and be prepared for hearty produce. This indica leading strain when full-grown outside can be likely to harvest a usual of 18 jots per shrub.

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