Chocolope x Kush min 3

Chocolope x Kush Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
600 grams/ m2 (indoors; 700 grams per plant (outdoors)
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
8 to 10 weeks (indoors); October (outdoors)
Temperate, Sunny, and Mediterranean
Growing Difficulty
40 to 90 centimeters
Coffee, Earthy, Pine, Spicy, Sweet, and Woody

Where To Buy Chocolope x Kush Marijuana Seeds

Chocolope x Kush Marijuana Seeds Information

Pollinating Chocolope and Kosher Kush created this hybrid cannabis. The former is commonly recognized for its sugary coffee flavor. Nonetheless, it is also a strong Sativa dominant strain whose happy buzz does not tremble. And these characteristics were successfully passed to Chocolope x Kush. On the other hand, the latter allocated its pungent forest floor aroma and the power to give relaxation. In short, this offspring can provide scented and appetizing experience to its users as well as mental and physical relaxation.

What are the Flavors and Effects of Chocolope x Kush?

The flavor of this cannabis is an ideal blend of chocolate and earthy kush. It is similar to having a cup of hot chocolate. When the fume reaches the palate, the sugary blend of chocolate, coffee, pine, and nuts is apparent. The burst of taste will suddenly become a joy to the feeling similar to colorful fireworks.

With the help of its high, users will give way to a happy ride to cloud nine as they can get rid of their worries. Both experienced, and novice users will find pleasure in the mental and physical buzz of this cannabis. This ganja has a euphoric feeling that is instant, as well as an uplifting hit that can lift the emotion of the users to the sky. The quick happiness it provides is also adjoined by stimulation to socialize and become artistic. With that, users sometimes see themselves unwinding with their colleagues and beginning to be creative. When the mental buzz melts away, this cannabis will encourage the body to relax, but users can still move and do the things they have. Also, users will see themselves sleepy and with hefty eyelids. After a few minutes, they will slumber to the dreamland and sleep for a long time.

What are the Therapeutic Benefits of Chocolope x Kush?

This cannabis is an appetizing strain that can help alleviate various mental and physical illnesses. Those who are experiencing mental disorders can stick in this cannabis to palliate the worries they have. With that, they acquire a positive mind that soothes the instability in their head. As such, those who have PTSD, depression, long-term stress, and mood swings can find short alleviation in this cannabis. In the same manner, those who have ADHD can also benefit from this ganja because it can persuade concentration as well as giving relaxation to the body.

Additionally, those who have insomnia can achieve the long sleep that they have been dreaming of. The relaxation it provides will eventually escalate until it changes to a complete sedative, and the reason for drowsiness. Also, this ganja is a powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory cannabis. With that, it deals with the physical pains that may include arthritis, migraines, and muscle spasms. This also efficacious in handling the problem of appetite, which is advantageous for those who are anorexic and cancer patients that have lost their appetites due to chemical therapies they have had.

Negative Effects You can expect from Chocolope x Kush

Proper caution in taking this cannabis is very important because too much consumption of this strain can lead to some negative effects. Some users will sense dizziness or have a headache. In rare cases, a few of its users will encounter lenient paranoia. Consuming too much of this strain can also lead to cottonmouth and dry eyes. But users should not worry about these two effects because they are present in all the strains.

How to Grow Chocolope x Kush?

Though this hybrid cannabis is Sativa dominant, its appearance is more on its Indica gene. In growing this indoors, it is best if it is cultivated in soil or hydroponics. Growers who want to improve its already touching aroma and taste may do so. Those who are cultivating at least 4 of this cannabis can also apply the SOG technique to increase the comprehensive turnout. Give this cannabis 9 weeks for the flowering period so that growers can have 600-grams/ m2 of fresh sprouts. Outdoors, growers should choose a location where it can grasp lots of sunshine. Similar to other strains, this variation will also prosper in areas with warm Mediterranean weather. It can also do well in the Northern Hemisphere during summer and can be harvested in the middle of October. In ideal conditions, each of the plants can provide 700 grams of delightful nuggets.

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