Cindy 99 F3

Cindy 99 F3 Marijuana Seeds

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Cindy 99 F3 Marijuana Seeds Information

Trichome Brother Seeds used the original stock of Brother Grimm to make this wild yet satisfying concoction, the Cindy 99 F3. Boasting of its unique bold flavours that is mind-blowing. Experience the tropical paradise with just a few hits from this gorgeous strain.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Cindy 99 F3?

The crossbreed of the Cindy 99 F3 releases a very pineapple taste with hints rotten fruit with a skunk! Giving you a skunk euphoric high that will definitely bring you happy vibes. Best for nighttime use as this strain can give you the lazy feels and a little bit sedated.

What are the medical benefits of Cindy 99 F3?

The Cindy 99 F3 is best for people who are combating nausea. It also boosts appetite and energy to ease away the pain and inflammation and also fatigue. Cindy 99 F3 is beneficial to people who are suffering from depression, anxiety and attention deficit hyperactive disorder. This is also recommended for patients with cancer and glaucoma.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Cindy 99 F3

Reported cases of morning sleepiness and dizziness may be felt by its users. One might deal with a little bit of laziness with the Cindy 99 F3. However, reports on paranoia are very little to none.

How to Grow Cindy 99 F3? Some information and Tips

The Cindy 99 F3 can both thrive indoors and outdoors. It is medium in height so you won’t need to support its branches as it can stand on its own, tightly and strong. This line was worked with 5 females and 3 males. Beginners and experts can definitely grow this lovely strain.

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