Clark County Purple Kush

Clark County Purple Kush Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
average to heavy
Flowering Period
7 to 9 weeks
Any kind of environment
Growing Difficulty
30 to 78 inches
Cheese and Purple

Where To Buy Clark County Purple Kush Marijuana Seeds

Clark County Purple Kush Marijuana Seeds Information

CannaVenture created the Clark County Purple Kush by combining a strain from Tenessee Purple Kush and LPVK and a pure Las Vegas Purple Kush. This resulted in a weed with a high potency of LPVK and beautiful colors of the Tenessee Purple Kush. Some plant has more colors, but her flowers are usually pink and purple colors.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Clark County Purple Kush?

You will immediately taste the sharp cheese flavor with perfect hints of purple. The Clark County Purple Kush also have a blueberry aroma that intensifies as you light this baby.

Enjoy a very calming and happy vibe that this weed will give you. The Clark County Purple Kush will provoke your creative side and make you hungry.

What are the medical benefits of Clark County Purple Kush?

There are lots of medical benefits associated with the Clark County Purple Kush. It can help relieve the symptoms of pain, specify, headaches, or migraines; this weed can also help patients with Tourette’s Syndrome, chemotherapy patients, and even Crohn’s disease. The above mentioned medical benefits of the strain do not imply that it can cure anyone of the said illness; you still have to consult your physician for proper treatments.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Clark County Purple Kush

Most users complain of dryness of mouth and mild paranoia when using the Clark Country Purple Kush. Reports show that the second most common side effects of this weed are dizziness and dry eyes.

How to Grow Clark County Purple Kush?

To breed and take care of the Clark County Purple Kush, you must have the necessary knowledge in any marijuana strain cultivation. This weed can grow both outdoors and indoors; it doesn’t get so tall, so it’s a great indoor strain. The application of SOG or SCROG is also helpful for this plant.

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