Colombian Kushwreck

Colombian Kushwreck Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
Growing Difficulty
Medium to tall
Pine, cedar, lemon, cat piss

Where To Buy Colombian Kushwreck Marijuana Seeds

Colombian Kushwreck Marijuana Seeds Information

Pisces Genetics group of cannabis breeders produced another bestseller in the cannabis world since it was introduced. They have chosen the parent strains Colombian Kush and OG Kush x Trainwreck varieties for the creation of one exceptional strain such as this new Colombian Kushwreck. This adorable weed variety possesses a balanced mixture of indica and sativa genes that makes it a versatile kind, too.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Colombian Kushwreck?

You shall be filled with much delight for this strain’s wide-range of flavor and aroma. That is exactly why Colombian Kushwreck variety is now one of the favorites of users. In terms of the effects, this weed is a bringer of many comforting sensations such as euphoria, bliss, relaxation, and energy that makes your mood positive.

What are the medical benefits of Colombian Kushwreck?

Medically, this weed can also be your hero to save you from the pains caused by fatigue, inflammation, and muscle spasm. These conditions tend to hinder you from fulfilling some of your duties every day. So, for a better way of treating yourself, smoking some of Colombian Kushwreck strain would not be so bad.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Colombian Kushwreck

Everything that is beyond what’s normal and allowed is never good to anyone. Thus, it is only proper that you follow the right amount when smoking this weed or any other to avoid developing its adverse effects. Such unwanted results may be dry mouth and eyes, or worse, paranoia.

How to Grow Colombian Kushwreck?

Colombian Kushwreck weed strain is one that is very easy to cultivate even on your own at home. It is very adaptable to any environment such as indoors or outdoors.

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