Colombian Thunder Funk

Colombian Thunder Funk Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
65 to 75 days, mid to late October
Growing Difficulty
greasy, diesel, sweet

Where To Buy Colombian Thunder Funk Marijuana Seeds

Colombian Thunder Funk Marijuana Seeds Information

Colombian Thunder Funk cannabis strain has genes made up of rich sativa as it had greatly been influenced by its parental origin. The master breeders of NorStar Genetics performed the crossbreeding process that made use of the strains Alaskan Thunder and Santa Marta Colombian Gold strain.

It’s going to be a lovely addition to every sativa lover’s list of favorites. Each of its parents contributed to this new weed’s pungency and faster maturation period. It is best to use cannabis strain such as this one during the night.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Colombiana Thunder Funk?

This is quite a nice try for beginners to have because of the unique flavors that it has. It builds a strong body punch inside you and later on becomes more intense. The aroma is also very delightful, leaving you clear-headed and smiling for the euphoric high you feel.

What are the medical benefits of Colombiana Thunder Funk?

Because smoking this weed can bring euphoria and bliss, it is also possible for you to achieve relief from various medical conditions. It will make you positive and help get rid of your stress, anxiety, depression, and migraine. These are all mood-related illnesses that are very manageable through this weed.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Colombiana Thunder Funk

The only possible bad effects of this weed are dry eyes and mouth as well as dizziness which will be felt once you’ve had enough of smoking this weed. By that time, you should know what to do which is to drink more water and rest before using it again.

How to Grow Colombiana Thunder Funk?

Colombiana Thunder Funk strain is easy to cultivate. Growers shall be happy to know they only need to wait for 75 days to be over so they gather their beloved crops.

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