Colorado Kush

Colorado Kush Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
16 - 25%
Flowering Period
60 - 65 days
Indoor, outdoor
Growing Difficulty
Up to 51 inches
Sweet, fruity, pine, earthy

Where To Buy Colorado Kush Marijuana Seeds

Colorado Kush Marijuana Seeds Information

It is an evenly hybrid strain with intense effects as well as relaxation that is equally shared by body and mind. It can be used during the day and at night. Cannarado Genetics developed this strain from Kush and Flo. Kush is also a balanced strain that gives more cerebral effects and functions well as a medication. Flo is a strain that can punch you hard with its staggering THC amount.

It has a pleasant scent and classic taste that you can indulge. Its THC level is high that you need to have a high tolerance to be able to deal with its effects. It will start with cerebral buzz and body high will be introduced by tingly sensation. Classic flavor, balanced effects, and potency will attract you to not only use this bud but cultivate it as well. It will be one of the weeds that you’ll look forward to the harvest.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Colorado Kush?

Its flavor’s components are sweetness, fruits, earthiness, and pine. Expect a heavy full-bodied buzz from this weed as being brought up by its high potency. The rush or cerebral high will come first. It launches euphoria in your mental side. The body high will creep in with the onrush of tingly sensation that can be felt on your arms and legs.

A light feeling of sleepiness will spread all over your body. You will feel at ease in its sedation and you feel comfortable with everything around you. Then you will proceed to a peaceful couchlock state. You will have a long and relaxing ride.

What are the medical benefits of Colorado Kush?

Its balanced effects on mind and body make it a great strain for medication. It is capable of pacifying the unrest of emotions caused by mental illnesses like mood swings, anxiety, depression, and stress. The equal distribution of the buzz in body and mind make it equipped to overcome fatigue. It can melt pain away as well as cramps, muscle tension, and spasm. It can handle temporary and deep-seated chronic pain or aches.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Colorado Kush

You can have red, itchy eyes and cottonmouth from this weed if you miss drinking water. Marijuana can bring dehydration so those are the minor side effects. Stick on the dosage that is equal to your level of tolerance so no pronounced negative effects will come to you.

How to grow Colorado Kush?

It can flourish well indoors and outdoors as long as it’s given proper supervision. It needs to be watered every 3 or 4 days. It should be fed by the right kinds of nutrients in the necessary amount. Deficiency and nutrient burn can harm your plants so be attentive to the amount. It must be checked regularly throughout the whole cycle.

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