Connoisseur Cookies

Connoisseur Cookies Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
67 days
Indoor, outdoor
Growing Difficulty
Cookies, grape, kush

Where To Buy Connoisseur Cookies Marijuana Seeds

Connoisseur Cookies Marijuana Seeds Information

It is a hybrid strain with a dominant cookie taste that delivers a balanced effect between Indica and Sativa. Connoisseur Genetics bred this strain through a three-way cross participated by Girl Scout Cookies, OG Chem and Grandaddy Purple S1. It’s your type of weed if you’re into Cookie strains. Since the effects are balanced and it’s not overwhelming, you can smoke it during the day.

It produces tight, rock-like nugs that bring out the effects that are fair for both mind and body. But don’t be caught off guard as it can hit you hard on the onset of the effects.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Connoisseur Cookies?

The flavor is a blend of cookies and grapes with a hint of kush. You will experience a smooth with chem taste. It hits you hard at first with the head buzz. Then the body high is composed of calming sensations that just make you chill and relax.

What are the medical benefits of Connoisseur Cookies?

It pacifies the symptoms of mental or mood-related conditions like mood swings, stress, depression, and anxiety. It can manage to cool off nausea and vomiting. It may also enhance appetite so you can have normal eating habits. You can avoid eating disorders like anorexia.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Connoisseur Cookies

It can give dry mouth and red, irritated eyes to its consumers. They are the usual adverse effects that can be reversed through hydration.

How to grow Connoisseur Cookies?

The cultivation of this weed can be done outdoors and indoors. You can have it in hydroponics. Aside from the soil medium, you can use other kinds like coco coir. You can add a little dose of potassium around 13 to 14 weeks.

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