Cookie Cake

Cookie Cake Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
9 - 10 weeks
Indoor, outdoor
Growing Difficulty
Sweet, pine, citrus

Where To Buy Cookie Cake Marijuana Seeds

Cookie Cake Marijuana Seeds Information

It was born by crossing Cookies and Cream with Cookie Wreck. Cookies and Cream may have all the yummy goodness but it’s highly resinous which makes up to its high level of potency. Cookie Wreck can almost wreck your senses but its CBD content can tame it. Exclusive Seeds bred this hybrid strain from potent parents. It’s a Sativa variety that has a fair share of efficient effects on body and mind.

It can supply you with the energy that you need to wrap things up for an entire day. It can take you to your deepest thought as fresh ideas pop up.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Cookie Cake?

The flavor is filled with sweetness, pine, and citrus. You will have a euphoric high that fills you with energy. You’ll be more alert and on cue than before. A warm sensation that represents the body buzz will wrap around your body. But it’s not sedative so you stay focused and feel good at the same time.

What are the medical benefits of Cookie Cake?

It acts as an anti-depressant and it can manage to appease other mental disorders. It also handles bloating, inflammation, cramps, and pain. It improves one’s appetite and it blocks nauseous feeling. Therefore, eating disorders don’t have a chance to penetrate your system.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Cookie Cake

Weed consumption causes dehydration so you can have dry mouth and bloodshot eyes.

How to grow Cookie Cake?

It will be fine both indoors and outdoors as long as it is protected from pests, diseases, mildew, and molds. There will be no problem with the pH level if you feed it with the right amount of nutrients.

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