Cookies Krush

Cookies Krush Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Up to 21%
650 grams per square meter
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
65 days
Indoor, outdoor
Growing Difficulty
1.80 meters
Sweet, earthy

Where To Buy Cookies Krush Marijuana Seeds

Cookies Krush Marijuana Seeds Information

It can form round, solids but that can mature quickly and bring harvest time earlier than you expected. It’s every Cannabis connoisseur’s dream as it is like a dessert that tickles your taste buds. Its effects of heavy Indica make it a perfect weed after dinner. Its aroma has a little bit of mint. You can also have it at the end of the day to soothe your tired being.

It’s a product of pairing Girl Scout Cookies with an unknown strain. It was bred by Super Strains.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Cookies Krush?

This dessert-like weed is with a sweet and earthy flavor. It has a high THC percentage which gives rise to the euphoric buzz. It can energize and motivate you to face the challenges of the day. When it subsides, a warm sensation envelopes your body to allow relaxing effect into your whole being. It can be sedative as it is the finale.

What are the medical benefits of Cookies Krush?

It can help you doze off and get enough sleep so it’s a cure for insomnia. It alleviates pain or aches brought by injuries or diseases. It appeases turbulence of emotions from depression, anxiety, mood swings, stress, and other mental ailments.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Cookies Krush

It leaves its consumers with cottonmouth and irritated eyes. They can be countered by drinking a lot of water when using weed.

How to grow Cookies Krush?

It flourishes in an outdoor or indoor plantation. It may start slow in the growing phase but it quickens when it’s blooming time. Make sure you will let it grow vertically in an indoor grow space as it is tall.

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