Cosmic Charlie

Cosmic Charlie Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
13 to 22%
Heavy Yield
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
10 weeks
Dry and warm environment
Growing Difficulty
Sweet, Earthy kush, Lime, and Pine

Where To Buy Cosmic Charlie Marijuana Seeds

Cosmic Charlie Marijuana Seeds Information

MTG Seeds is the breeder of this marijuana variety. The parents that were used for the breeding are LSD OG variety combined with the Green Crack variety. This variety is widely known and sought by those who like sativa more than indica type marijuana. It is not easily available in the market but you can try growing your own. You will be rewarded with a good amount of harvest you can enjoy for recreation and medication.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Cosmic Charlie?

Flavors are sweet, earthy kush, lime, and pine. It will give you a powerful psychoactive effect and will not allow your mind to rest. You can imagine or think about many things and will not stop until you reach the satisfaction of what you are looking for. It does not give you the couch lock effect so you can be active physically with your mind.

What are the medical benefits of Cosmic Charlie?

You can get help for your pain including acute pain, insomnia, depression, stress, fatigue, muscle tension, headache, loss of appetite, and anxiety.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Cosmic Charlie

You can have negative effects when you consume Cosmic Charlie marijuana variety. It can be dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, or nausea.

How to Grow Cosmic Charlie?

Provide a good space vertically as this plant grows tall indoor or outdoor. Make sure to provide them with its need so that they can also flower beautifully and give a good harvest in amount and quality. It will not pressure you for anything beyond the basic needs.

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