Critical 2.0 Auto Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
50 to 250 grams/sqm (indoor); 100 to 300 grams/plant (outdoor) 
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
10-12 Weeks 
Warm temperate, mesotherm, Humid 
Growing Difficulty
Short (indoor); 60 to 130 cm (outdoor) 
Citrus, Skunk, Pungent, Peppery 

Where To Buy Critical 2.0 Auto Marijuana Seeds

Critical 2.0 Auto Marijuana Seeds Information

Critical 2.0 Auto is an auto-flowering strain of cannabis. This is composed of varieties from indica and sativa with ruderalis to generate the characteristics of auto-flowering. This weed originally from 420 Genetics and the breeders from there were able to give birth to a type of cannabis that has the boosted and enhanced qualities of Critical 420 strain. They were able to increase the quantities of buds and enhancement of colors that turn orange hence making it physically attractive. The combination of the Critical 420 strain with the Critical Auto strain made all these possible. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Critical 2.0 Auto?

The terpenoids of this weed have a mixture of pungent and skunk that mostly indicates its scent. The taste may somehow similar its scent but with touches of pepper and citrus. Speaking of the impact, the weed can provide a long-lasting effect that may induce relaxation and buzzy feeling on the body. It can also generate happiness and a high that seems to leave an impression of dreamy like euphoria. 

What are the medical benefits of Critical 2.0 Auto?

The strain has great potential in helping and facilitating the progress and treatment of pain, stress, and Insomnia. It can also help people with depression and anxiety. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Critical 2.0 Auto

The cannabis may cause mouth drying and itchiness of the eyes. These are fairly common and can happen temporarily.

How to Grow Critical 2.0 Auto? 

Most growers will have the pleasure to grow and thrive in this cannabis plant in different growing areas like indoor, outdoor, or greenhouses. It has little maintenance required and you may not need to prune or trim it as it does not need special attention. It can also greatly develop in terms of production if grown using hydroponic or soil technique. To enhance the flow of oxygen within the roots of the plant, growers recommended using the coco coir technique.

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