Critical Cream Cookies

Critical Cream Cookies Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Very High (indoor/ outdoor)
Flowering Period
8 to 9 Weeks
Warm, Dry, Temperate
Growing Difficulty
Sweet, Candy, Fruity

Where To Buy Critical Cream Cookies Marijuana Seeds

Critical Cream Cookies Marijuana Seeds Information

Critical Cream Cookies is a well-balanced hybrid of indica and sativa genetics. The cannabis is a hybrid created by Space GenetiX breeders. By pairing the female cannabis, Critical Bilbo and male cannabis, Cookies, and Cream. Not to mention, that its mother has won eight places as best Hybrid in the Karma Cup in the year 2018. Therefore, there is an assurance that the Critical Cream Cookies is quality cannabis with great characteristics inherited from both of its parents.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Critical Cream Cookies?

The cannabis has tasty and delicious terpenoids that are very much tempting among users with a sweet tooth because the overall flavors and scent of it composed of sweetness like candy and mixed with tasty fruits. Generally, it can generate relaxing and stimulating impacts on both mind and body. It can give off buzzy impression and soothing effects leading you to deep sleeping.

What are the medical benefits of Critical Cream Cookies?

Due to the calming effects of the weed, it can help in the management of depression and anxiety by calming down your nerves and reduce its symptoms. Moreover, the relaxing effects of it can help in lessening the discomfort of pain and stress.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Critical Cream Cookies

Expect that the drying of the mouth and eyes are the common side effects of using the marijuana which should happen temporarily.

How to Grow Critical Cream Cookies?

This strain may not be ideal for beginners to cultivate due to the amount of work and care it requires in the first weeks of the onset of the flowering period. Regardless of that, cannabis can be cultivated indoors and outdoors, and by the end of your hard work, you will be rewarded with a great harvest.

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