Critical Mass Automatic

Critical Mass Automatic Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
12 to 14%
Indoor/Outdoor- heavy
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
65 to 80 days
Growing Difficulty
Indoor/Outdoor- short
Bubble gum, earthy, spicy, dank, hash

Where To Buy Critical Mass Automatic Marijuana Seeds

Critical Mass Automatic Marijuana Seeds Information

Many growers were disappointed with auto-flowering strains because of its lower yield however; Critical Mass Automatic built a new reputation this time for autos. Developed and created in Spain by Big Buddha’s Seeds, this weed is a result of crossing Critical Mass and powerful Bid Buddha Seed’s auto-flowering strain. Critical Mass Automatic is an Indica dominant cannabis boasting not just her high yield but also her potency.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Critical Mass Automatic?

Just like its rich predecessors, Critical Mass Automatic is oozing with flavors of bubble gum in an earthy undertone. The combination of spicy, dank, and hashy taste it gives makes this weed even more delightful to the palate. Critical Mass Automatic offers a long-lasting effect starting from euphoria and cerebral stimulation. It is then followed by relaxation and tranquillity.

What are the medical benefits of Critical Mass Automatic?

The sedative property of this weed makes it an efficient pain control. It also cures nausea and helps boost one’s appetite.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Critical Mass Automatic?

Aside from the common negative effects of marijuana, Critical Mass Automatic may also induce anxiety and paranoia due to its potency.

How to Grow Critical Mass Automatic?

The easy to grow feature of Critical Mass Automatic makes her a suitable strain even for starters. She may thrive both indoor and outdoor growing and most growers were surprised by its compact buds resulting in greater yield. Through giving the basic needs of the weeds and providing them enough sunlight, every grower will surely love how this weed gives such a fulfilling harvest.

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