Critical Poison

Critical Poison Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Outdoor- more than 600 grams per plant; Indoor- 550 to 600 grams per square meter
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
45 to 50 days
Growing Difficulty
Earthy, hash, fruity

Where To Buy Critical Poison Marijuana Seeds

Critical Poison Marijuana Seeds Information

If you are one of those picky growers who wanted a strain with quality, fast flowering and has an incredible aroma, then Critical Poison surpasses your standard. This weed is produced by 00 Seed Bank and is labeled as one of the top quality marijuana strain. It grows with vigor producing resinous buds. Surely, many home-growers’ attention was caught by Critical Poison.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Critical Poison?

The flavors of Critical Poison have been appreciated by many as it offers earthy and fruity flavors accompanied by a hashish taste. It’s a perfect blend for a great smoking session. While this marijuana has a high level of THC, Critical Poison has psychoactive effects in your body leaving you relaxed after smoking. As it uplifts your mood, this weed also leaves you creative and happy.

What are the medical benefits of Critical Poison?

This strain is good at helping people battling with depression and stress. The uplifting nature of this marijuana is a helpful option to boost your confidence.

Negative Affects you Can Expect from Critical Poison?

This marijuana strain has also adverse effects. These effects include cottonmouth and dry eyes. It can also cause little paranoia yet it is highly manageable.

How to Grow Critical Poison?

As this weed grows both indoor and outdoor environments, every grower must bear in mind that Critical Poison tends to produce big and compact buds. As your weeds start to produce flowers, experts advised applying methods to support its weight. In addition, Critical Poison must receive enough amount of sunlight and enough nutrients to maintain the quality of its buds.

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