Critical x AK47 min

Critical x AK47 Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
400 - 550 gr/plant
Flowering Period
6 - 8 weeks
Warm and Mediterranean
Growing Difficulty
70 - 110 cm
Sweet, earthy, vanilla, tropical

Where To Buy Critical x AK47 Marijuana Seeds

Critical x AK47 Marijuana Seeds Information

A variant of hybrid strain Homegrown Cannabis Co. Critical x AK47 in offline pressure. With a wavy, high plant frame and big, small, gleamy green buds. The seeds can be straight and stringy, but with heavy rainfall, or proper irrigation and fertilization, healthy berries can emerge. The plant is rust-resistant and is immune to the mold in the fungi.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Critical x AK47?

It does have a related earthy aroma to berries, with a subtle indication of combined fruits and some vanilla. The Critical x AK47 strain has a distinctive look for putting you together to see beauty. Inhaling this herb will induce endless laughter from similarly participating, friends. From start to finish, you’ll feel giddy and encouraged to participate in community activities and spread the good vibes.

What are the Medical benefits of Critical x AK47?

Critical x AK47 strain has numerous medicinal applications and is prescribed, especially for patients wishing to manage their chronic diseases. The stress can significantly decrease depressive moods, helping individuals to control their emotions and experiences better and become more interested in passion.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Critical x AK47

For those with low tolerance, dry and cotton-mouth can be experienced as well as dizziness and paranoid.

How to Grow Critical x AK47?

Critical x AK47 strain can also grow fairly quickly, making it an appropriate variety for both newcomers and experienced growers. In a hot and humid climate, the strain tends to thrive and can be content with minimal nourishment and tilling.

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