CSL Ruderalis Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Very high
Flowering Period
30 - 40 days
Indoor, outdoor
Growing Difficulty
Short - medium
Sour, diesel

Where To Buy CSL Ruderalis Marijuana Seeds

CSL Ruderalis Marijuana Seeds Information

It was completed out of excellent Ruderalis strains which are Mexico and Canada. Ruderalis is the ancestor of all auto-flowering strains. It is usually short and stocky in stature. It flowers quickly and it produces small but chunky buds that are supported by sturdy stems. CSL Ruderalis has genetics that is not only for fast production but with the consideration of potency.

It is a stable strain that you can cultivate especially if you’re an impatient grower. Then you can harvest the buds without waiting for too long and get high.

What are the Flavor and Effects of CSL Ruderalis?

Just like its parents, it has a sour and diesel taste. Due to the advancement of marijuana cultivation, the potency can be injected into a hybrid auto strain. Mexican Ruderalis was chosen to intensify the high that this strain can provide. It both affects your body and mind.

What are the medical benefits of CSL Ruderalis?

It has dependable potency so it can work as a pain reliever. It casts away pain or aches that bother you from time to time. It can dispel symptoms that provoke your feelings and emotions as well as mental disorders. It can enhance your appetite so you will no longer be troubled by eating disorders.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from CSL Ruderalis

The minor negative effects are dry mouth and red, irritated eyes. You have to drink water or soda while smoking so you retain the moisture in your body.

How to grow CSL Ruderalis?

You can grow Ruderalis plants indoors or outdoors. It thrives in a cold climate but it produces high-quality buds when you let it flourish in a sunny and warm environment. This setting will ensure you of high THC content.

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