Fruit min

Fruit Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
50 - 100 gr/plant
Flowering Period
6-8 Weeks
Sunny Mediterranean Climate
Growing Difficulty
100 cm
Sweet, Berry, Honey, Tropical

Where To Buy Fruit Marijuana Seeds

Fruit Marijuana Seeds Information

The Fruit strain is a three-way cross among Lowryder #1, Dinafem #1, and Grapefruit. The third parent delivers its euphoric Sativa high and exciting sweetness.

A lot of people believe that having things simple is the best course of action. And Fruit conforms to this idea. From its nickname to its effects and how it develops, the strain is straightforward.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Fruit?

There’s no need for marijuana aficionados to have a virtuoso IQ to predict what aroma and flavor must be. It is sweet and calm on the nostrils, and Fruit emits a sweet fragrance.

This weed makes a touchdown pass after it goes into the body. It starts with a subtle blow in the head that eliminates mental worries away.

What are the medical benefits of Fruit?

A pleasant and helpful medical strain, Fruit is an enjoyable way to get rid of body and mind distresses quickly after its sweet flavor touches the taste buds and refreshing high kicks.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Fruit?

Just like any strain in the market, Fruit is not free of several unnecessary problems. Extreme use, together with dehydration, can cause cottonmouth and dry eyes. While rare, consumers may have a feeling of dizziness, slight anxiety, or minor paranoia.

How to Grow Fruit?

As most auto-flowering marijuana strains, Fruit is substantial and has a robust build. The weed owes its satisfactory qualities from its Ruderalis genetics. Its foliage of wide, fan-shaped blades, on the other hand, comes from its Indica origins. Fruits also boast a layer of grey resin, the buds are not the strongest in the growing space, yet they are very appealing to smoke.

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