G 13

G-13 Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
22% to 24%
595 grams per Square Meter
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
11 weeks
Dry and sunny outdoor climate
Growing Difficulty
Pine, sweet, woody

Where To Buy G-13 Marijuana Seeds

G-13 Marijuana Seeds Information

The legend of G-13 starts at an exploration office situated in rural Mississippi in the late 1960’s and mid ’70s where the Government was creating cannabis strains with assistance from the University of Mississippi. Here, they developed a wide range of plants in order to develop a super Indica.

These unadulterated Afghani clones were as far as anyone knows marked as G-1 to G-23. Each clone had marginally various qualities and performed in an unexpected way. It is supposed that G-13 was the steadiest of these 23 unique clones.

What are the Flavors and Effects of G13?

The flavors of G13 are pine, sweet, and woody. This super-strain has numerous pleasant effects and is adored for simply that. G13 will loosen up you in a major manner – it will clear you of all the pressure that you might be feeling, and make you consider directly here this moment, and essentially lead you into a positive mindset.

G13 is extraordinary at infusing lots of happiness into your life. This hybrid will urge you to hang out and simply make the most of your time, speaking with your companions, and being garrulous and charming. A condition of elation can be normal when smoking this strange strain, with a humming and loosening up head high.

What are the Medical Benefits of G13?

G13 has numerous medicinal purposes and is well known among specialists and patients in the therapeutic cannabis scene, all things considered. Interminable pressure is something numerous individuals experience the ill effects of, and this strain can present genuinely necessary alleviation for this crippling disease.

The solid upbeat properties of this strain fulfill it an amazing smoke. It is a viable state of mind lifter and is in this manner prescribed to those patients who experience the ill effects of despondency and tension. G13 can help relax you up and discharge you from the negative considerations you might be harboring.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from G13

This hybrid has not many reactions, which just implies that the particular building of this strain was extremely effective in the event that we are to accept the strange anecdotes about its legacy. G13 can in uncommon cases, cause a slight headache toward the end of the high.

G13 can cause an instance of cottonmouth, making you have a feeling that you need a beverage of water. This is regularly additionally joined by some dry eyes. In some cases, G13 can likewise make you feel tipsy, particularly on the off chance that you smoke an enormous sum. This may, at times, transform into a little episode of distrustfulness, however, it doesn’t normally keep going long.

How to Grow G13?

This plant needs space to branch out, with the goal for it to prosper. G13 needs a great deal of room upward, on the grounds that it can become very tall. During blooming periods, this mixture may require some additional help. G13 approves of higher temperatures, and is tolerant with climate changes, making it simple to develop.

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