Lemon Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
17 to 26%
THC Level
CBD Level
Up to 550 grams per square meter
Flowering Period
8 to 10 weeks
Warm and Dry
Growing Difficulty
Citrus, Spicy, Lemon, Sweet

Where To Buy Lemon Marijuana Seeds

Lemon Marijuana Seeds Information

Just by the sound of it, you can already sense that Lemon strain will surely quench your thirst. This citrus treat is a classic strain by De Sjamaan through cross-breeding White Widow and Mystery Widow. As a multi-combo hybrid, you can sense the potency considering its intense head and body high that will lift you off your feet. Lemon strain is user-friendly, where both newbies and experienced smokers are more than welcome to try.

With its THC levels ranging from 17 to 26%, expect a type of high that will provide motivation to help you get through your day. More than just being a citrus classic, this strain has the ability to cater to your medical and recreational needs. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. This is a perfect morning or afternoon treat consumed alone or with friends. More reasons to enjoy your summer with this delectable citrus marijuana strain. Expect a moderate to high effects that will free the body from medical and recreational discomfort.

What are the Medical Benefits of Lemon strain?

In terms of medical utilization, Lemon strain is one of the leading marijuana variants with undeniable healing talents. It works well in dealing with several pain-related symptoms such as migraines, muscle spasms, joint pains, and even as minor as a headache. The good thing about this strain is how it relieves pain without inducing sedating effects that will put you to sleep. This factor makes it a good alternative pain-reliever without interfering with your daily activities.

On the other hand, Lemon strain works well in managing stress too. There are numerous patients who take this strain as a medication to help keep their stress at a minimum. The good thing about it is how patients diagnosed with different mood disorders benefit from Lemon strain. They find relief in combating depression, anxiety, and PTSD. It helps in elevating their mood and relax without the feeling of sedation.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Lemon

What to expect from this classic citrus strain? Hold on tight because the Lemon strain is associated with adverse effects, especially if not consumed in accordance with your mind and body’s marijuana tolerance. The effects are not as disturbing as pure dominant hybrids, but headache this strain can bring is not to be underestimated. The utilization of Lemon strain is pointless if you’ll take for granted the capacity of your body.

How to Grow Lemon? Some Information and Tips

One of the favorite strains grown by cannabis cultivators is the Lemon strain. The benefit of growing this strain is its high resistance to common molds and mildew. This is a perfect strain, to begin with if you have plans to start to cultivate marijuana. They thrive beautifully in both indoor and outdoor growing environments. It would be best to ensure the maintenance of the warm and dry temperature as well as the air quality of the grow room.

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