Purple Panty Dropper 1

Purple Panty Dropper Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
18 - 25%
10 - 12 oz per square meter (indoors); 12 oz or more per plant (outdoors)
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
7 to 9 Weeks
Cool Climate
Growing Difficulty
Short - medium
Tangy, Fruity, Grape, Sweet, Floral, Earthy

Where To Buy Purple Panty Dropper Marijuana Seeds

Purple Panty Dropper Marijuana Seeds Information

It is a three-way of Matanuskan Mist, Purple Haze, and Oregon Grape from Humboldt Seeds. It is popular in the Cannabis community as the great aphrodisiac, which gives a hint from its name. This sexy strain was the result of the breeder’s effort to weed out unwanted qualities. Users enjoy its euphoric effect that is energizing at the same time. These effects contribute a lot to someone’s well being.

This is a beautiful Indica-leaning variety as it grows dark purple, long, pepper-shaped buds. Bright orange pistil hair capped them, and they’re covered with sparkly crystal trichomes in lavender hue. It is suitable for evening and nighttime consumption.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Purple Panty Dropper?

The sweet floral, grape, and fruity sweet flavor will cover your whole mouth in just a single puff. The high will send you to euphoria as you are under the cast of happiness, and it will do something good for your sense of well-being. There will be a tingly sensation as you soar up high.

The tingly sensation leads to relaxation and arousal. As it intensifies, it will make you horny and hungry to your surprise. It’s best to prepare munchies before taking this weed. It’s great for a sultry night as it will put you in the mood.

What are the Medical Benefits of Purple Panty Dropper?

It has an uplifting effect that can be used to pacify mental disorders like reducing stress. It clears the mind of any stressors or something that can trigger anxiety. It’s a great painkiller to relieve you from aches. It has the soothing buzz that makes it an antispasmodic so it can overcome spasm and any blockage in the gastrointestinal tract that can hinder hunger. So this is also a remedy for appetite loss and other eating disorders.

It can also help the healing process of patients that have undergone some physical pain that is knee-jerking. It can let you sleep early so it can improve the quality and quantity of your night’s rest. So this can be given as a medication for insomniacs.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Purple Panty Dropper

It leaves dryness to eyes and mouth. Overdosing this strain will mainly give you a headache. Some may also experience paranoia and anxiety.

How to Grow Purple Panty Dropper?

It is an introductory strain for novice growers, and it can be planted indoors and outdoors. It is moderately dense, so it’s a strength when deflecting harmful factors like wind and too much humidity. You have to apply the pre-germination technique to let it produce a female plant. Growers should protect this plant from being stressed as it will result in substandard buds or hermaphrodite.

Sea of Green and Screen of Green are both applicable for this weed. It doesn’t usually produce a phenotype that is different from its mother plant.

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