Red Apollo 710

Red Apollo 710 Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
10 to 11 weeks
Warm and slightly humid environment
Growing Difficulty
Incense, Spicy, Blackberry, Cherry, and Slunk

Where To Buy Red Apollo 710 Marijuana Seeds

Red Apollo 710 Marijuana Seeds Information

When Riot Seeds combined the Apollo 710 F1 with the Blood Rose, it resulted in the birth of the beautiful Red Apollo 710. Her wonderful colors of bright magenta will catch your eyes in an instant with her stocky and fat buds that is densely covered in purple crystal trichomes. This cannabis is excellent for creating extractions and bubble hash.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Red Apollo 710?

The wonderful flavors of this hybrid strain will leave your mouth watering for a while. With its spicy blackberry and cherry overtones and a slight hint of skunk, one puff wouldn’t be enough.

This is not for beginners because the racy heartbeat effect can overwhelm them. You won’t need coffee in the morning when taking this beauty since the amount of energy and motivation she’ll provide is enough to last the whole day.

What are the Medical Benefits of Red Apollo 710?

Red Apollo 710 does excellent wonders for patients who are suffering from gastrointestinal disorders like Crohn’s disease. This marijuana can also treat nausea and dizziness. Additionally, the effect of this weed is beneficial to those with depression, mood swings, or bipolar disorder.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Red Apollo 710.

Since the effect of this weed is predominant in the head, some users may feel a slight headache right before the high starts. Paranoia and anxiety are highly likely to occur when taken in high dosage. This weed is also known to cause dry mouth after smoking.

How to Grow Red Apollo 710?

If you opted for an outdoor setting, it is highly advised to harvest this hybrid strain around late September. She can also thrive indoors and best suited for the Sea of Green technique. When it comes to feeding, this plant is would only need enough fertilizers, so be careful not to overfeed her because it can lead to nutrient burn.

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