Sonoma Black Kush

Sonoma Black Kush Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
16 to 21%
Medium to High
Flowering Period
60 to 70 Days
Indoor / Outdoor
Growing Difficulty
Earthy, Lemon, Sweet, Spicy

Where To Buy Sonoma Black Kush Marijuana Seeds

Sonoma Black Kush Marijuana Seeds Information

Sonoma Black Kush is an Indica dominant strain, a strain that has a very mysterious existence. It has no known breeders and an unknown lineage.

What are the Flavors and Effects of Sonoma Black Kush?

The flavors of this cannabis strain are Earthy, Lemon, Sweet, and Spicy. These flavors are the notable tastes that its offspring inherited. It is accompanied by a dank, kush aroma that can be potent and hard to resist.

It offers a tranquil sensation that brings your mind and body at ease. This means you will feel relaxed as you soar into a euphoric state of high. At times, it can also be somewhat invigorating.

What are the Medical Benefits of Sonoma Black Kush?

This strain can help treat anxiety and deal with chronic pain such as spinal cord injury. It possesses sedative contents that can get clear away body pain eliminate other negative emotions by replacing it with bliss. This also makes it a good antidepressant.

It can be invigorating, which may help those suffering from lethargy and improve one’s appetite for patients with eating disorders. 

Negative Effects of Sonoma Black Kush

This strain may cause dry eyes, mouth and throat similar to other, common cannabis strains. It may leave the users under a state of full-body relaxation, which may promote laziness. If you do not want to feel hungry and drowsy, you may find this strain as a negative one for you.

How to Grow Sonoma Black Kush? 

This strain is not a challenging strain; beginner growers are welcome to give it a try. Growers must simply be mindful of its condition by constantly monitoring its growth and tending to it regularly.

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