Sour Gelato min

Sour Gelato Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Above-average per square meter (Indoors) / Above-Average per plant (Outdoors)
Flowering Period
53-63 days (Indoors) / Early to mid-October (Outdoors)
warm and humid 
Growing Difficulty
Short to Medium
Distinct Flavor

Where To Buy Sour Gelato Marijuana Seeds

Sour Gelato Marijuana Seeds Information

Produced by the tiger trees that are mostly an Indica variety, a breed like this can be seeded indoors and outdoors, where the flowering time can last up to 53-63 days. This strain is famous for its mouthwatering flavor and very strong effects. It offers a steady and mellow high effect. Thus, it is considered as a great weed for social interaction. The sprouts of this plant tend to be small, yet they have thick and heavy formation. It is appealing to the eyes because of the orange pistils that stand out against the deep green leaves that have a hint of deep purple. 

Using this strain is lung-expanding. Therefore, it leaves a mushy and creamy sensation. You may feel very relaxed and may also help ease depression, fatigue, and even insomnia since it has the power to make your eyes heavy, luring you to sleep. It has the aroma of sweet lavender citrus that make you want to use it more. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Sour Gelato?

This weed has a distinct flavor with a berry and citrus after taste, which serves as its greatest strength compared to other weeds, as this has a more universally pleasant flavor. People nearby can’t smell this strain since it has no powerful aroma. It is known to hit the consumers quickly, and the effects start as soon as you inhale it. The most obvious effect is a sense of altered discernment and confusion that forces the users to change their behavior towards their newly escalated surroundings. For beginners, you will start to experience certain effects like time dilation and sound sensitivity. You should be cautious when taking this marijuana plant because it has a chance to turn your legs to gel. However, when used properly, you will feel more relaxed for a long time.

What are the Medical Benefits of Sour Gelato?

Sour Gelato has a high calming quality classification that helps in physical relaxation. This medicinal plant has the ability to numb you completely, wherein doctors use it for relieving chronic and minor pains. If used in the evening, this may help those who are suffering from insomnia.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Sour Gelato

You may experience dry mouth and dry eyes, which are common side effects for using cannabis. Since this strain kicks in hard and fast, you may experience dizziness and post-high headache.

How to Grow Sour Gelato? 

Outdoor cultivation prefers a warm and humid climate around 75 degrees Fahrenheit while indoor cultivation is more easily managed and can accommodate medium-height plants. Putting odor control measures such as carbon air filters and exhaust fan helps grow better weeds when growing this plant indoors. 

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