Sour’Kush Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15% to 17%
16oz/ m2 indoor and 21oz/ plant or more outdoor
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
9 weeks
Warm and Temperate Climate
Growing Difficulty
Sweet, citrus, lemon, apple

Where To Buy Sour’Kush Marijuana Seeds

Sour’Kush Marijuana Seeds Information

Crossbreeding the Sour Diesel mixed with OG Kush resulted in Sour Kush, the strain that is known to have the invigorating aroma of citrus and lemon, aside from its pungent lime scent. This strain will blossom with its flashy orange hairs and an icy cover of dense trichomes on early up to the middle of October.  

What are the Flavor and Effects of Sour Kush ?

The enticing flavors are complex combinations of the sweet, citrus, lemon, and the unexpected, pungent, earthy, diesel, and spicy flavor. The flavor will lead to more exciting effects such as the feeling of happiness and relaxed feeling. Euphorically happy and feel uplifted at times that will lead to how creative you are.

What are the medical benefits of Sour Kush ?

Sour Kush is beneficial to situations such as treating the high level of stress and severe pain, high level of depression, headaches, and the lack of appetite sometimes due to illness or mental problems.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Sour Kush ?

Negative reactions can be felt one by one or all together, depending on how you frequently use the strain in a day. The side effects are anxiety and moderate paranoia, feeling dizzy, drying of the mouth, and drying of the eyes. 

How to Grow Sour Kush ?

Sour Kush is one of the strains that are easily grown, that even the beginners can do it. The good thing about the Sour Kush is that it is completely resistant to common mold and mildews for outdoor, but when it comes to indoors, it is a different kind of approach.

Outdoor growing is much easier as long as the weather is not that hot, then it is fine. Just prevention for those cultivating outdoors, to avoid a situation that involves lack of water hydration and the plant died because of too much sun exposure, try doing mulching. Mulching basically is using organic material at the top of the roots on your plants. It is beneficial for keeping the plant’s moisture, not only that. It regulates the temperature, either very cold or very warm. It can also prevent weeds from coming out and invade the space of your garden. 

For indoors, to have a warm and temperate outdoor climate, use a weather controller of the temperature control system. In that way, you can get hold of the temperature in your garden, the humidity, and of course, the lighting needed which is essential in growing the cannabis plant. The Sour Kush is susceptible to mildews when indoors for sometimes, there is less humidity. The solution to the problem is to put a ventilation system or used a fan to the job, much cheaper, and still works. But all those ideas are useless without you pruning the cannabis. Doing it opens parts of the plant where there are narrow spaces but not reached by air or light.

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