South Indian Sativa

South Indian Sativa Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
56 to 63 days 
warm outdoor climate 
Growing Difficulty
Diesel, sweet and cheesy, dank 

Where To Buy South Indian Sativa Marijuana Seeds

South Indian Sativa Marijuana Seeds Information

South Indian Sativa is the landrace found in the region of South Indian. It is one of the indigenous cannabis which remains as part of the breeding parents of many newer strains. This landrace is a hundred percent pure Sativa strain with a large amount of THC content. Though its THC content might be considered as average among new strains, it is still an excellent choice among novice users with little experience. 

 With a different aroma and flavors, South Indian Sativa is still recommended for those who love to take a dope before work. This is also an excellent choice among those who want cannabis strain to treat their illnesses as well. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of South Indian Sativa?

 South Indian Sativa has a wide range of flavors. It has a combination of dank and diesel added with some sweet and cheesy flavors. Just like other known landraces, this strain has a euphoric flushing effect that leaves the body both motivated and uplifted. 

What are the Medical Benefits of South Indian Sativa?

 Aside from recreational use, South Indian Sativa used to treat chronic pain, depression, stress, fatigue, and even arthritis. 

Negative Effects you Can Expect from South Indian Sativa?

 Aside from the common adverse effect of taking cannabis, South Indian Sativa is also known to keep you hungry while in use. 

How to Grow South Indian Sativa? Some information and Tips. 

 South Indian Sativa adapted its nativity. It survives even in an unpleasant environment, so it will surely thrive with outdoor growing. It is one of those strains which are easy to manage because South Indian Sativa is known for its resistance to pests. Novice or expert, anyone is highly able to grow and cultivate South Indian Sativa. 


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