Space Ghost OG min

Space Ghost OG Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
9 to 10 weeks
Indoor Temperate 
Growing Difficulty
Average to Tall
Citrus, Petrol, and Spice

Where To Buy Space Ghost OG Marijuana Seeds

Space Ghost OG Marijuana Seeds Information

The breeder created OG Space Ghost Red Bee Seeds achieved by blending Ghost OG and Space Ghost. This strain is preferable for OG Kush loyalties as this weed is reminiscent of it and can produce great root systems. His high THC level suggests a wide range of medical use.

What are the Flavor and Effects of OG Space Ghost?

Getting one smoke of this weed, you can anticipate a collection of citrus and petrol flavors with a little bit of petrol aroma. It offers a cerebral high that helps you maintain your focus made possible by the tranquilizing and meditational features it provide. Hitting this cannabis strain will leave you in mellow, sleepy, and a happy state. 

What are the medical benefits of OG Space Ghost?

OG Space Ghost is firs-rate when it comes to alleviating fatigue, joint pain, and stress is collecting admiration from many medical users. Also, this marijuana proves itself beneficial to help with some medical conditions like insomnia and depression, ADD, and ADHD.

Thankfully, this marijuana has the healing ability to mitigate pressure in the eye for people in the agony of glaucoma lasting from three to four hours. However, there are no claims yet that it can cure glaucoma.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from OG Space Ghost?

In most cases, you can expect adverse effects like headaches, cottonmouth, dry eyes, red eyes, and slight paranoia. However, you need to take note that daily use of this weed would lead you at risk of problems with coordination and impair your motor skills. With its high THC content, it can increase your heart rate and may cause you to get a heart attack.

How to Grow OG Space Ghost

This plant is innately immune against mites and powdery mildews. Growing this weed is best suitable for indoor cropping. You need to be knowledgeable of the appropriate humidity levels, temperature levels, watering schedules, and all relevant factors to grow this cannabis.

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