SpaceJill(Aka: SpaceQueen F2) Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
7 to 8 weeks
Warm, slightly arid environment
Growing Difficulty
Very tall
Candy, mangos, dried fruit, wood, cream

Where To Buy SpaceJill(Aka: SpaceQueen F2) Marijuana Seeds

SpaceJill(Aka: SpaceQueen F2) Marijuana Seeds Information

Space Jill or the Space Queen F2 was created by breeders from Subcool’s The Dank out of demand because of the original lost Space Queen strain, which was a cross of Romulan and Cinderella-99. 

The Sativa-dominant hybrid amazingly smells like sweet mangoes and candy with overtones of earthy moist soil, which is the signature aroma of the Space Queen. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of SpaceJill?

The strain tastes like sour fruits. It also has the faint sweetness of candy and mangos. There is also an aftertaste of woody and creamy tones. 

Right from the first puff, the strain is like a kick of energy. SpaceJill has cerebral effects that could cause you to feel energetic, more creative, and focused. 

What are the medical benefits of SpaceJill?

The cerebral effects of the strain are especially great in helping patients who have to deal with depression, chronic stress, and fatigue. 

It also helps with relieving minor body pains, according to some users. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from SpaceJill?

This cannabis strain may cause paranoia and anxiety, especially when there is an overdosage in consumption among unaccustomed users.  

Other adverse reactions that the user may experience include red eyes and cottonmouth.

How to Grow SpaceJill? 

This type of strain can be grown indoors or outdoors. However, it is best to control its living conditions indoors. Keep the growing medium at a pH level of 6.0. 

Do take note that the plant requires canopy management, such as the Screen of Green method or lots of support stakes, in order to control its exceedingly tall and lanky growth. 

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