Gods Gift BX1

Gods Gift BX1

Strain ratings
Strain Overview
Seed Type
Indica Dominant
THC Content
18 to 22%
Grape and Fuel
Flowering Period
55 to 60 Days
Dry and warm climate
Average To High
Short, stocky plants
Growing Difficulty
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Strain Information

Doc’s Dank Seeds has bred this new variety that smells and tastes like grape fuel. It will produce buds that are large and purple. This came from the combination of the elite clone version of Gods Gift and Professor Moriarty weed. The second parent is the result of the combination made by Gods Gift and Super Qrazy. It was bred again with the first weed to produce this variety. You should try if you still did not.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Gods Gift BX1?

You will have the flavor of grape and fuel taste. This weed allows you to have a relaxing time where you can utilize to have some recharging time in mind and body. This marijuana lets you become drowsy and you can have a good night’s sleep after.

What are the medical benefits of Gods Gift BX1?

muscle relaxation, alleviates nausea, pain relief, induce good appetite

Negative Effect you Cna Expect from Gods Gift BX1

The common negative effects of marijuana consumption are what you can expect with this marijuana variety. It can be dry mouth, which is the most common or dry eyes or red eyes. You may feel anxiety or paranoia when you consume more than what you can bear. 

How to Grow Gods Gift BX1? 

Gods Gift BX1 is easily grown marijuana where beginners in growing one can take care of. If you know the different ways to raise the plant, you can use them. There are not many restrictions on growing this marijuana, but you need to check from pests’ infestation as it can easily appear and destroy your plants.