Goji Cake

Goji Cake

Strain ratings
Strain Overview
Seed Type
THC Content
10 to 23%
Tropical, Fruity, Haze
Flowering Period
8 to 9 weeks
Dry and warm climate
Growing Difficulty
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Strain Information

This marijuana was produced by the breeder Moxie 710, getting from parents that have similar flavors and effects. It has high CBD content that averages from 5 to 10%. One parent is the proud creation of Bodhi Seeds as it has received many awards since it was created, the Goji.OG. It is the favorite of some breeder’s evidence by its many offspring. The other parent is the product of the breeder TGA, Jesus OG. The result is Indica dominated marijuana that is favored for its flavor, effects, and yield.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Goji Cake?

This indica type of marijuana variety will give you the sedating effect but not very high at the beginning of your smoking. It can give you time to feel the relaxation of your body and mind. It calms you down, allowing you to forget the stress and worries before sending you to bed or leaving you with good thoughts.

What are the Medical Benefits of Goji Cake?

Goji Cake helps you with health concerns like muscle relaxation, alleviating the nausea feeling, pain relief, aid in insomnia, and it can induce a good appetite. Many patients favor this for aid in depression and anxiety.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Goji Cake

Dry mouth, dry eyes, red eyes, sleepy, headache, or dizzy are the common negative effects of marijuana that you can also experience. You may have one side effect, and it may not be severe, depending on the dosage. 

How to Grow Goji Cake? 

This will produce a high amount of resin, but it needs some encouragement. You need to provide its needs, and if you are an experienced grower, you can harvest a high yield. It favors low-stress training, and if you have a wider canopy, it equals bigger produce. She can be picky in what you feed, so watch out.