Golden Lei

Golden Lei

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Strain Information

In order to create this great weed, SnowHigh Seeds used their very own Black Maui hybrid with an Acapulco Gold and the C99. The result was astonishing, a pot that gives high production despite its Sativa dominance and high potency; they coined her the Golden Lei. This hybrid strain produces spear-shaped colas and with plenty of branches all around her central stalk.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Golden Lei?

This marijuana gives off exotic flavors of tropical paradise. As the warm and smoky air invades your mouth, the sweet honey and tropical and fruity flavors that will leave you with lip-smacking goodness that lingers for quite a while.

This strain will give you a hard-hitting euphoric high that will keep you smiling with a positive outlook and lots giggling. Experience the full tropical paradise vibe.

What are the Medical Benefits of Golden Lei?

Due to the happy effect of this marijuana, patients with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disease will significantly benefit by consuming this particular weed. It can also be used to ease pain, inflammation, arthritis.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Golden Lei.

Even the regular users of this cannabis get the usual side effect of having dry mouth and beady eyes. First-time users may feel some dizziness and a mild headache, but these reactions are temporary.

How to Grow Golden Lei? 

The Golden Lei is relatively easy to grow; it can thrive either indoor or outdoor. This is a forgiving weed that can resist most diseases and mold. For feeding, one must slowly introduce the nutrients. Start by giving only 25% of the recommended suggestion, then gradually increase until she reaches maturity.