Grateful Dawg


Strain Information

It owes its genetics to Deadhead OG that was derived from the blend of Chem 91 and SFV OG F4. The dominant features are from Chem 91. Irie Genetics reversed it and pollinated itself for the creation of feminized seeds. Expect high THC and CBD content from this weed. You’ll get the most of its effects when used in the evening time as it carries the wonderful relaxing effects. You can get compact nuggets with purple and silver hues. They are surrounded by long, russet hair and tiny golden trichomes. The odor has a strong skunk smell that you may pour gas over it. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Grateful Dawg?

The flavor of this weed is fruity, spicy, and diesel. One of the effects is getting rid of negative thoughts and pain. You will be calm and at ease. So, you will be full of glee without any uncertain interference. Your body will drop on the couch or bed in deep relaxation as sleepiness comes easily.

What are the Medical Benefits of Grateful Dawg?

Finding sleep would be no trouble when you consume this weed. So it’s the best remedy for insomnia. It forwards a reprieve for people who are struggling with pain or aches as well as mental disorders like depression, anxiety, and stress.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Grateful Dawg

The usual negative effects are cottonmouth and bloodshot, itchy eyes. Make sure to hydrate yourself when consuming marijuana.

How to grow Grateful Dawg?

You have the option to grow it indoors or outdoors. If you want to remain discreet about your indoor garden, it’s best to get an odor filter system as it’s aroma is very strong. 

Brand Information