Green AK XL Automatic


Strain Information

It is the auto-flowering version of Green AK XL from Zambeza Seeds. So it’s the compact of the AK-47 genetics carrier. The creation of this strain is the revolutionary action in the auto strain line. It retains the head high its predecessor is known for. It grows into a hardy plant and a high grade one. But it stays compact like the classic Indica variety, but it leans more on the Sativa spectrum. Its versatility would make its growth manageable. Though it’s automatic, you can get the experience of one-hitter weed. You may be surprised as it’s not common among other auto strains.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Green AK XL Automatic?

The flavor of this weed is composed of pine, earthy, and fruity taste. It gives you the euphoric high to represent its cerebral buzz. It’s not the racy type, and it’s a clean and clear high. It then provides a relaxing effect that won’t weigh you down to couchlock.

What are the Medical Benefits of Green AK XL Automatic?

It gives a reprieve for people who are suffering from mental illnesses like stress, depression, and anxiety. It alleviates pain from temporary injuries. It also handles the chronic type brought by diseases.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Green AK XL Automatic

The usual negative effects are dry mouth and irritated eyes.

How to grow Green AK XL Automatic?

The cultivation can be done outdoors or indoors. It’s versatile as it can flourish in any substrate. You can use 600W HPS/LED and the lighting schedule should a constant 20/4.

Brand Information