Green Erdpurt

  • Type:
    Indica Dominant
  • Flowering Period:
    8 to 9 weeks
  • Climate:
    Dry and warm climate
  • Yield:
    Average To High
  • Flavors:
    Sweet, Citrus, Earthy, or Fruity
  • THC Content:
    15 to 23%
  • Height:
    3.5 – 4 meters
  • Growing Difficulty:

Strain Information

This came from the green phenotype of the Erdpurt that was produced when the Erdbeer and Purpuera Ticinensis has been combined. It has hard nuggets, and you will see green or purple buds. You will smell a sweet scent with forest scent like blackberry with this resinous marijuana. It has been known to many parts of the world because of its good traits like the smell and taste, and it has been grown and subjected to breeding by others other than the breeder of this variety, the Hybrids from hell. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Green Erdpurt?

Green Erdpurt flavors can be sweet, citrus, earthy, or fruity taste. This will reward you with a good high that it can easily become your favorite. You will get the sedating effect but will relax your mind and body. It calms you down and can reduce those worries.

What are the Medical Benefits of Green Erdpurt?

This is good for medical patients seeking marijuana medication. They use it for concerns like muscle relaxation, alleviates nausea, pain relief, address loss of appetite, and fatigue. 

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Green Erdpurt

Dry mouth, dry eyes, sleepy, headache, or dizzy are common negative effects that you can experience with this cannabis. They are normal and can be anxiety or paranoia when you take more dosage.

How to Grow Green Erdpurt? 

This marijuana can be grown in a cold climate and is resistant to molds, but you must still check when the temperature is consistently low. It is not an easy weed variety to grow, and it requires some expertise. It can also depend on the area where you will grow.

Brand Information

Green Erdpurt