Green Thai

Green Thai


Strain Information

Green Thai is a pure sativa from the landrace of Thailand. Tracing its origin, it came from Ko Chang, an island situated in the country, Thailand. Physically, it is very appealing as it possesses a long structure, and its leaves are very pointy. The buds have very thick density, with coated hairs in long strands. This weed is very proud of the abundance of THC level that has beating others across the globe. As compared to other Thailand strains, this Thai variety has a very quick flowering period. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Green Thai?

It possesses such delicious terpenoids that radiate fruity and sweet overtones. Both its taste and scent are packed with these gorgeous sets of flavors. It can provide sudden hurts of energy that could last for a length the period. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Green Thai?

Speaking of medical value, this Thai strain is a great choice for battling against pain and stress. It possesses an appetite-inducing component that is helpful for people to stimulate their hunger and improve their eating habits. It may also a way for people dealing every night with insomnia to have a good and relaxing sleep. Anxiety may no longer be a problem for those utilizing the medicinal properties of the plant. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Green Thai

In most typical scenarios, the weed is followed by high chances of dry mouth and eyes when consumed. 

How to Grow Green Thai?

When cultivated, the plant was intended for indoor growth. Nonetheless, it shows great potential for a more adequate and suitable outdoor growing, or even for greenhouse cultivation due to its high susceptibility against mold development. Over time, it has already established a good foundation to withstand humidity. 

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