Guava D (Aka: Guava Dawg)

Guava D (Aka: Guava Dawg)


Strain Information

Guava Dawg or mostly known as “Guava D,” is reared by the Top Dawg Genetics. Its genetic lineage is made by breeding Stardawg, Tres Dawg, and Afghani #1. This strain goes hard with a delectable flavor that will heighten your liking of this.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Guava D (Aka Guava Dawg)?

The one of a kind flavor of this strain is a joint undertone of chemical, fuel, tropical, and fruity. This has quiet space that will ask of you to come back to the area where you hid this strain. It will stab the mind with new ideas and will finish your body in profound sleep by its high narcotic component.

What are the Medical Benefits of Guava D (Aka Guava Dawg)?

The muscles that cause fit and spasms will be no more as the Guava D strain will tranquil it with its soothing properties. Torments in the mind like stress, mood, or bipolar disorders, and depression will be replaced by stillness. The high will take off your nausea and will also boost your appetite.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Guava D (Aka Guava Dawg)

The high makes you crave for water as this dehydrates your throat. Your eyes will be red at some point and may also cause irritations. Due to the irritations, this may elate cases like anxiety or paranoia in mild or severe cases.

How to Grow Guava D (Aka Guava Dawg)? 

The Guava Dawg marijuana strain must be developed in the dry ground with a warm climate. Do not overfeed this with nutrients as too much of it will burn the strain. The high must be safe from pests and diseases to rear it best.

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