Guerrilla Pearls

Guerrilla Pearls


Strain Information

The first cross of Skunk #1 and GG#3 crossed into Early Pearl, and then the Auto GG is the hereditary quality of the Guerilla Pearls hybrid. Under the HighRise Seeds breeders, this comes from. You will expect popcorn-like nugs that are hard to break.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Guerrilla Pearls?

 Sweet and the most evident taste is its fruitiness; the Guerilla Pearls will sedate in your lips. It washes your mind with joyful musings and then with relaxation. Sociable energy will radiate it and drawing you into the crowd. The tingly buzzes will kick you in the couch to sleep.

 What are the Medical Benefits of Guerrilla Pearls?

 You will be picking back the pieces of your thoughts as this high keeps you organized and helps you in battling depression, PTSD, and stress. Any form of physical pain like muscle fits and inflammations will be silenced by its sedative properties. Your insomnia and nausea will now be gone by the touch of the Guerilla Pearls.

 Negative Effects You Can Expect from Guerrilla Pearls

 Parchedness is the negative feeling which you can always get by using any type of marijuana. It will come in the mouth and also in the eyes. A slight case of paranoia may occur when you overindulge on this, or it’s your first time using it.

 How to Grow Guerrilla Pearls? 

 The Guerilla Pearls marijuana strain has its resistance ability against molds, which makes this simple to grow. In the first two weeks of September, you can expect to harvest this. The temperate outdoor climate will help you achieve more yields.

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