Gwav n Space

Gwav n Space


Strain Information

A charming lush together with the dense nugs the Gwav n Space will give you in its appearance. Breeding together the GWAV OG and Space Kush #3 by the Boneyard Seeds resulted in this marijuana strain. It will take up some time growing this, but the results will delight you well.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Gwav n Space?

Kush and fruity are the flavor tones you can get from utilizing Gwav n Space. You will be getting a happy ending as the high kicks your spirit and mind in a fresh and motivating feeling. An invigorating high will work in making you sociable enough. Additionally, this has sedative components that infuse couch-locked.

What are the Medical Benefits of Gwav n Space?

You’ll be screaming in deep and genuine happiness as the Gwav n Space will end your torments like stress, anxiety, and depression. Your stomach will take back your find of eating meals as this eases down nausea. Muscle fits and inflammations will also be alleviated by this hybrid. Use this at night if you are battling with insomnia.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Gwav n Space

Parchedness is the basic negative impact which you can get from the Gwav n Space. It comes and forms down in your throat than in the eyes. Be careful if you wanted to take more of this as this prompts anxiety. 

How to Grow Gwav n Space? 

This hybrid responds well if you undergo this with lots of training. This loves the outdoor climate but can still be grown indoors. Gwav n Space marijuana strain goes well with the Mediterranean atmosphere and with the right lightings plus the humidity.

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