Strain Information

Mogwai Genetics, a household name that is familiar to any and all cannabis fanatics, developed a variety that is composed of mostly indica genes. Specifically, HalfTime strain was out in this world through the cross-breeding process that made use of an unknown strain and Blissful Wizard x Deathstar strains.

What are the Flavor and Effects of HalfTime?

Expert smokers take their sweet time to drown themselves in the flavors of earthy, pine, citrus, and pungent smell. It can be a little tingly for beginners but never too overwhelming even at first toke. Serenity follows next to the spread of flavors within your taste buds and the slow creeping sedation that you experience. It shall numb your body from head to foot, bringing everyone such a wonderful way to stay seated.

What are the Medical Benefits of HalfTime?

Long hours of pain-free and good mood shall be yours when you begin to smoke this variety. Through this, HalfTime strain is able to deliver a cure to some conditions like stress, fatigue, insomnia, depression, anxiety, sclerosis, inflammation, arthritis, back pain, PTD, ADD/ADHD, It may not be as great as the effects other weeds.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from HalfTime

Many things could be taken from this marijuana variety. However, it is also possible that smokers acquire negative effects like dizziness, dry eyes or mouth, and also slight paranoia. These conditions may go away naturally later on. 

How to Grow HalfTime? 

HalfTime will only be taking some time of the growers for cultivation. Afterward, it shall grow bushy and short, so they will need to impose some training through SOG for the mature plants of this weed.

Brand Information