Hawaii x Skunk #1

Hawaii x Skunk #1


Strain Information

The Hawaii x Skunk #1 is a sativa dominant hybrid. It is quite unique compared to other strains since it shows semi-round leaves during its first growing stage and turns thin and pointed during maturity. This strain is a result of the mingling process of the powerful genes of Maui Waui and Skunk #1. It produces many branches along its vigorous stem and bears compact and potent buds.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Hawaii x Skunk #1?

This strain has a combined flavor of herbal, spice, and exotic tastes. The higher the amount consumed, the higher the effect of sedation. It gives off a strong physical and heads high that takes you to a focused and euphoric state. It makes your body feel totally relaxed while being energized and giggly. 

What are the Medical Effects of Hawaii x Skunk #1?

This strain has a lot to offer when it comes to the medical aspect. It produces a good amount of therapeutic content that treats patients suffering from chronic pain, inflammation, gastrointestinal disorders, and muscle spasms. It also helps people cope up with depression, insomnia, and social anxiety.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Hawaii x Skunk #1?

The negative effects only give minimal damage to your body and brain. However, if not taken lightly, this marijuana can give long-lasting side effects. First off, you will experience dizziness or headache, hunger, paranoia, and nervousness. It increases your heart rate as you go on and sometimes makes you feel confused and uncontrollable.

How to Grow the Hawaii x Skunk #1?

This strain is recommended to be planted in a SOG set up. It easily adapts to its environment. Thus it can be easy for starters to cultivate it either indoors or outdoors. Make sure that you cultivate the plant or place it in a spacious area where its growth is not limited. Be ready to attend whatever is necessary for the plant to thrive. Improvising resources can be expected, such as light and pots.

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