Hawaiian Trifecta


Strain Information

Pua Mana Pakalolo has produced this marijuana variety that promises a good experience. This is due to the power of its high performing inherited genetics. It has some landrace genetics, and with its traits, it has been bred into many varieties. Some of the breeding of its lineage was made with Haze, Mango Haze, G13, Pretty Wicked, Cherry Bomb Indica, Afghanistan, and others. This was all pointed with thanks to the genetic specialist of the breeder Pua Mana Pakalolo.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Hawaiian Trifecta?

Flavors can be sweet, herbal, floral, earthy, or fruity taste. This marijuana has a good effect giving you energy with a relaxing effect that allows you to calm and forget the worries.

What are the Medical Benefits of Hawaiian Trifecta?

This has been praised for its pain relief medical benefits by many patients. It is also effective for muscle relaxation, alleviating nausea, to induce a good appetite, helps with insomnia, and to combat depression and stress. It has other effects but not that notable but still a benefit.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Hawaiian Trifecta

This marijuana can still allow you some negative effects to experience. You can have dry mouth, headache, dizziness, dry eyes, sleepiness, anxiety, and paranoia. You can take first in a low amount to test your capacity with this marijuana and see its effect. 

How to Grow Hawaiian Trifecta? 

This is easily grown marijuana; if you had been growing marijuana, you would know how to handle it. It has resistance to mold and can handle some hot weather, but you must take care when it is humid. If it lasts long, its resistance can be broken, and molds can appear.

Brand Information