Strain Information

RedEyed Genetics produced this marijuana, which is high on CBD content than on THC content having the ration of 2:1 based on the test conducted. This marijuana though, has different phenotypes available that others may not carry the high CBD trait. This is the result of combining Cannatonic with the Mt. Rainier. The breeding project took place intending to have marijuana that carries the higher CBD trait from Cannatonic weed and the close internode and structure of the Mt. Rainier.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Hawkeye?

Hawkeye flavor can be sweet, pine, menthol, hash, lime, or fruity taste. The effect is a good balance between the sativa and indica, giving you time to have a good recreational time. You get to enjoy its positive effects that give you good energy, a happy thought, and creativity.

What are the Medical Benefits of Hawkeye?

This is a very pleasant medical marijuana that will help you with your pain problems. It can also help in headache or migraine, relaxing the muscles, alleviates nausea, induce a good appetite, and trigger a good sleep.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Hawkeye 

There are common negative effects of marijuana smoking. You can also have them or not, but you can prepare for some side effects like dry mouth. Have some water ready and some healthy snacks as they can also trigger hunger.

How to Grow Hawkeye? 

This marijuana thrives indoor or outdoor growing, and if you have a greenhouse, you can put them there. They will grow accepting techniques of growing marijuana so you can manage their growth. You can have a vigorous plant that requires water and nutrients.

Brand Information