Jack La Mota

Jack La Mota


Strain Information

This award-winning strain is from Medical Seeds Co., where they combined various hybrid of Northern Lights #5 Haze and the Skunk. Jack La Mota weed was created to the world-renowned hemp activist and author Jack Herer, and this weed is also famous in all corners of the globe. There are two known phenotypes of this weed, one is an indica dominant that has a slower flowering period, and the other is a Sativa dominant with fast flowering and a stretched structure. 

This incredible marijuana won first place in the Sativa category for The Karma Cup back in 2016.

 What are the Flavor and Effects of Jack La Mota?

The moment you light her up, the aroma of old school incense will hit up right into your nose, adding vibrant characteristics to its sweet citrus and tropical fruit flavors. As you breathe out the thick, smooth smoke of this cannabis, you will be able to distinguish a unique floral aftertaste that evens out the citrusy taste in the beginning. 

This may be too much when handled by newbies, as it is known to have LID, which is responsible for its psychoactive euphoric high. The effect is a maddening stimulation that will keep you up and running and overflowing with energy. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Jack La Mota?

For patients who are accustomed to the Jack La Mota potency, they can use it to ease their anxiety, mood swings, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and ADD/ADHD. New patients, however, may find this strain too overpowering, but with smaller doses, it may be able to help them with their depression and help regulate their sleep. This weed can also be used to treat chronic pain that may be due to injury or surgery, or inflammation. 

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Jack La Mota.

Even Regular users can get a dry mouth whenever using this cannabis. When taken in higher dosages, this hybrid strain can give you anxiety or paranoid thinking, especially for beginners. Some patients associates feelings of dizziness and mild headache with the use of this particular marijuana.  

How to Grow Jack La Mota? 

You can grow this cannabis either inside or out, with its robust structure, it can sure survive any conditions. For outdoor growing, the blossoming period starts around mid of October. Makers of this specific hybrid strain recommend hydroponic cultivation to maximize yield and are ideal for the SCROG technique.

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