Pineapple Chunk

  • Type:
    Indica Dominant
  • Flowering Period:
    56-63 days
  • Climate:
    Warm Climate
  • Yield:
    2.04 oz/ft2
  • Flavors:
    cheesy, pine, pineapple, skunky, sweet, tropical
  • THC Content:
  • Height:
    3-1/2 ft
  • Growing Difficulty:

Strain Information

Pineapple Chunk is known as the indica-leaning strain that carries intense whole-body effects and a fast-paced head buzz. This strain is an intermixed of Cheese and Skunk#1 along with Barney’s Pineapple. This THC abundant marijuana is opposite to its CBD content, which is very low.

Since it has several crosses of strains, it is known to have a flavorful taste. Its bud ahs irresistible delicious pineapple cheese flavor and also aroma. Some recommended that is strain is ideal for night and evening time use.

What are the flavors and effects of Pineapple Chunk?

This strain has a reinforcement of earthy flavors such as pine, skunky, and tropical, but since its name is pineapple, its sweet pineapple flavor overpowers it. It has an effect that induces euphoria, uplifting cerebral that has an intense body-mind relaxation, increases energy, sleeps, and creativity, and it improves focus on its users.  

What are the Medical Benefits of Pineapple Chunk?

The high, uplifting effect can reduce stress, clears the mind of stressed people, and also its anxiety. Due to its high THC content, it can be a painkiller that relieves the body of aches. It also provides pain and seizure control and boosts the appetite of those in need.

Negative effects you can expect from Pineapple Chunk

Like many other strains, its adverse reactions include dry eyes and cottonmouth to the users. If used too much it can induce a keen awareness that makes users feel anxious or paranoid

How to grow Pineapple Chunk?

This is a worry-free strain since it  is resistant to humidity and a variety of growing problems such as wind or cold. Because of this, it can be recommended for those interested growers.

Brand Information