Apple Jack

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16 ounces or more per plant outdoor
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Strain Information

A sativa-dominant hybrid Apple Jack was created by conjoining the famed Jack Herer sativa, a renowned hybrid with White Widow, an equally infamous hybrid. Apple Jack can hammer your mind with the mind and body effects that are exceptional to awareness. A calming buzz with the euphoric feeling that makes you smile all the time. It can take you to cerebral kicks where it hard to walk –out right away.

Scent and flavors of this strain are exceptional, a twist of both sweet, pungent apples with the earthy taste like with a kick of skunky smell. Enjoy this bud first thing in the morning for a little pep in your step or at midday to get through a slump. This is perfect for chilling during the afternoon.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Apple Jack?

Apple Jack gives a taste of fruity apple with a hit of cheese skunky and earthy with tart and sweet, pungent apple zest taste. It eventually runs into the body where a good mood and body High take over. This plant has been known for its effects cerebral that will contribute to a more worry-free stress-free relaxing day. You will feel sociable at this point of high, euphorically excited and happy though it can still give you focused on what you do exactly, which will lead to more talking to other people. Best to use, too, if you want to socialize with others or new friends.

What are the medical benefits of Apple Jack?

Apple Jack relieves stress, cramps and Muscle Spasms, and the people who are suffering from Chronic Pain. This strain can help people with attention disorders such as stress, depression, bipolar, or ADHD and decreases anxiety,

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Apple Jack?

The adverse effect that includes drying of both eyes and mouth can be lessened by drinking water from time to time. In some cases, you may experience dizziness. Apple Jack can also have an adverse effect, such as anxiety and paranoia, due to its THC level.

How to Grow Apple Jack?

Growing Apple Jack can be characterized to moderate cultivation up to manageable to grow, and it can be grown indoors and outdoors. Putting Apple Jack in a warmer climate can give a higher and healthy harvest, so reach the goal it should be outside your lovely house. It can stand light whoosh of winds, and the not so heavy rains, but other than that is a different story. This cannabis dies easily if caught at a colder temperature.

Apple Jack adapts to a different environment and can be grown in smaller rooms. If the choice is to put the plant indoor, the struggle is that the temperature inside the house can cause mildews and mold for this plant. In some cases, the Apple Jack is more susceptible to diseases if put in a not so warm environment.